Keys to Aging

- Late Life Design -

Design your Growth

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A Method for Creating a Late Life Design of Your Owns

01-Getting Started – Reflections and Dreams
This form helps you jot down a few things to get you started. A good way to begin.

02-Late Life Design – Framework
This document gives you a framework for organizing your thinking to create your design and how each area of life is defined.

03-Circles as Tools for Discovery
How to use circles to create a picture of to expand your awareness of the how you live and make decisions about your own life. Directions and worksheets included

04-Growth and Development
This document has a page for each of the 4 facets of life described in the Late Life Design Framework and changes in each decade of life after age 65 in use of alone time, in relationships, in community, and in vocation. It includes questions to guide you through things to consider as you create a design for living.

Exercises to Help You Work with Through the Framework

05-Clarifying Your Values & Vocation
One page list of values to choose from to give your ideas for your Late Life Design

06-Questions to Ask Yourself
One page of questions to get ideas for your Design

07-Important Documents to Have
Documents helpful to have in order in case of illness of death for others to manage your affairs.

What to Expect As You Age

08-Common Experiences Age 65 & Beyond
This is a one-page table that provides an overview of changes in each decade after age 65 in the four areas of life most researched.

09-Late Life Design Example
One example of a Late Life Design, author Martha Worcester. On process over last 10 years.

10-Resource List
A list of readings, articles, and on-line sources and booklets available by request on aspects of late life.