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About Keys to Aging – Late Life Design
Background, Purpose, and Author


The Keys to Aging website was launched on January 1, 2023. It is a work in progress. Please send me notes by clicking on Contact at the top fo the page. Let me know what you like about it and what you recommend I change or add.  You will see lots of changes in the coming year as work on the site to add to things I think most helpful and make it user friendly to those who visit it I invite your comments about content you would like to see included and ways to make it easy for people to find their way around on the web site.

This web site was born out of my dream to communicate with both older adults and those who wish to know more about the older generation and what the future may bring as they age. As you grow into the later stages of adulthood, Keys to Aging- Late Life Design is here to:

  • enrich your understanding of aging processes, stages, and what to expect;
  • assist you in meeting the challenges presented in the last decades of life, and
  • aid you in discovery of life in all its fullness wherever you may be in life.


Martha Worcester is a Group Facilitator, Life Planning Guide, Consultant, and Researcher on aging issues. She enjoys writing for pleasure and publication. She enjoys listening to each person tell their life story and discover their own unique journey and where they yet want become or do.
Martha (Marty) Worcester’s love is fostering communication between the generations and dispelling the age biases of young and old alike. She leads groups related to growth and development across the second half of life in a variety of community and university settings.

Current Life

  • Conducts One-on-one guidance for adults in late life.
  • Facilitates workshops on issues of growth and development across the life span; communication among the generations; caregiving and receiving among family and friends; and the joys and challenges of living into advanced years.
  • Researches and writes about aging related issues.
  • Community and Life Interests:
    • Groups: Toastmasters, Council of Neighborhoods Association, Book Club, Writing, Singing,  Older Adult Education committees of local groups.
    • Life long interest in writing, reading, trees, singing and enjoyment of friends and neighbors.

Past Roles & Background

  • Work with individuals and groups in community and health care settings on all aspects of aging changes, challenges, and joys.
  • Educator as Associate Professor: Taught Growth and Development in the Second Half of Life to Undergraduate & Graduate Students and nursing courses.
  • RN and Nurse Practitioner with specialty in Adult and Older Adult Health in hospital, clinics, nursing homes, hospice and home settings.
  • Director of Hospice organization. Led and organized educational workshops on issues surrounding death and dying and intergenerational conversations around health care and end of life decision-making. Researcher & author on caregiving and receiving, and parents of adult-children with mental illness.


  • Ph.D.  University of WA.  Growth & Development Across the Life Span, Gerontology, Nursing, and Community Health
  • Nurse Practitioner Certification: University of Colorado Medical Center, Denver
  • MSN. University of California at San Francisco.
  • BSN. Chico State College, CA – now California State University.

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