Keys to Aging

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Personalized Planning

  • One to One Sessions with Individuals
  • Sessions with Relatives and Friends of Elders
  • Assistance in Finding Community Resources

Organizational Consultation

  • Educational Presentations
  • Staff and Client Workshops
  • Services and Product Design for and with Elders

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Personalized Planning

One to One Sessions with Individuals
Personalized planning sessions are tailored to client requests. One or more sessions can be arranged for areas of life such as getting documents and affairs in order, interacting with health care providers, relationships with family and friends, or finding helpful resources or groups. A series of sessions with a work book and helpful resources for whole life planning can be arranged. The work book sessions guide you through finding meaning and purpose in the way you use time alone, with family and friends, and through group connections.

Sessions with Families and Relatives of Elders
Relatives and friends who are concerned about an elder can request a session to discuss how to assist and elder.
An elder can request a joint session with persons they select to work out the best way to work together. It is often helpful to enhance communication and plan together for ways to be helpful to one another in the giving and receiving of care and concerns.

Assistance in Finding Community Resources
Many agencies and organizations are available for assisting elders and their families. Putting together what is needed, finding the appropriate resources, and interacting with community resources can be a challenging process. It requires (a) planning ahead to identify specifically is needed and when, (b) finding and knowing how to get through the process of making contact by phone, email, or website, and (c) once the resource is in place ways to work with the resource provided. Sessions with elders and those concerned

Organizational Consultation

Educational Presentations
I meet with organizational leaders to decide what presentations are most appropriate and where they need to occur. I also offer presentations in the community that are announced on my website. Presentations below are some of the most popular ones I have done in the past. Many more are available.

  • – Growth and Development in Each decade after age 65.
    – Adjusting to New Living Situations
    – Providing and Receiving Care with Family and Friends.
    – Changing Family Relationship as We Age
    – Meeting the Challenges of Visual and Hearing changes.
    – How to Find Help and Ask For Help When You Need It

Staff and Client Workshops
I plan with organizational leaders to provide workshops for their staff or the clients they serve.
They can be a single workshop or discussion about a specific health issue such as dementia, or vision impairment, or series of sessions to provide support to staff alone or with clients in their interactions together. For clients residing within a care facility, it is challenging to adjust to a new environment. Individual or group sessions with staff or clients can provide support to meet the new challenges and find ways to enjoy life.

Services and Product Design for and with Elders
Organizations providing services or products for elders can benefit by consultations on
– finding information about elder populations in their area and tailoring their services to elder preferences and needs,
– making services easier to access and designing products such as clothing, cars, and appliances for ease of use, and
– developing surveys or focus groups to identify elder preferences and evaluations of products for continuing improvement .