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Keys to Aging – Services

Services Provided

Individual coaching

Individual life guidance for aging is provided through face to face meetings, on the phone, or through the internet depending on where you live.  Life guidance is developed around the individuals own unique issues. The process involves

  • Discovering who you are now,
  • Thinking through what you want or need to do next, and
  • Making step by step plans to become who you want to be as a person, in connection to others in your life, and the community and world in which you live.

Seminars and workshops offerings

Seminars and workshops can be arranged with groups on issues related to aging. To have a workshop conducted, contact the web site author and she will give you a complete list of the possible topics and whether she is able to do a workshop for presentation for your group.  Example of topics are listed below.

  1. Growth and development as we age – life beyond 65. Unique tasks of each decade.
  2. Families of the old, blended families, gender orientation.
  3.  Relating to our grandchildren, connecting with younger generations.
  4.  Getting our affairs in order personal, material, and relational.
  5. Leaving a legacy of giving and receiving.
  6. Making health care  and end of life decisions.
  7. Claiming our age: Beyond stereotypes and myths.
  8. Older adults assisting adult-children with physical, mental health. or social challenges.
  9. Family and friend caregiving and receiving, at home, in other households or at a distance.
  10. Transitions to new or more protective living environments as we age.

This list is only a few of those those that can be offered.Several topics can be combined in one seminar or workshop to tailor it to the needs of participants.

The blog  and how it works.

See the posts on the blog and use the comments section to respond.   You can visit the blog to respond to the posts. I am the only one that sees comments you make on the blog unless you say at the end that you would like me to make it public. If you want others to see your comments, tell me at the end of any comment that you wish me to make your comment public.

To contact me about any of the services on this page, simply click on the contact tab at the top of the page and write me a note and it will go to my e-mail. I check my comments no less than weekly.

Links to resources and downloads

Links to services and aging resources are in the development stage and will be included as they become available.  Until they are posted, you can ask for specific things you are looking for by responding to the appropriate post. Each month more items will be posted as they are developed.  Stay tuned.